Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We love old people.

My wonderful husband is old now. His birthday was on March 19 and now he is 50 years old. We had some fun parties to celebrate his coming of age.
Old man with Jack.

Leslie made this birthday cake in her cake decorating class.

The Terrill's brought a lovely gift to help Carl walk better.

We had to have two cakes to hold all of the cadles.

Leslie and Daniel bowing to their father.

We hope there are lots of firefighters handy.


On Carl's real birthday we went to the Texas Road House with Louise and her family. Here is Julia, Emily, and Helen.

Byron, Daniel, and Leslie

The birthday girl, Louise and her husband Brent.

Carl and Me (Jennifer)

The twins are so happy to be 50!


  1. Mom, you did it! And look how old Dad is. :)

  2. I'm happy you got another post up here. If you need help, I guess Nigel and I will have to visit again and help you out. :)